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Huffines Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. David Ferguson's recent publication!

Regular physical activity prevents cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type II diabetes. When objectively measured, ~3.5% of adults meet the recommended daily physical activity guidelines. Data have shown that physical activity levels are influenced by genetic mechanisms; however, the identity of the genetic mechanisms involved remains unclear despite efforts to determine genomic variance and transcripts associated with activity levels.

Huffines Affiliate Dr. David Ferguson recently published an article in the Journal of Applied Physiology titled "Differential skeletal muscle proteome of high- and low-active mice." This publication focuses on identifying proteomic differences between high- and low-active mice in slow- and fast-twitch skeletal muscle, followed by causal determination of the role of strong candidate proteins in regulating physical activity.

Click here for more information about Dr. David Ferguson and the Children's Nutritional Research Center at the Baylor College of Medicine. You can also read more about Huffines Affiliate co-authors Emily Schmitt, Heather Vellers, and Dr. Tim Lightfoot at the Huffines Institute website.



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