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Huffines Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Ranjana Mehta's recent publication!

Huffines Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Ranjana Mehta's recent publication!

Muscle fatigue is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon and is most commonly defined as the inability to maintain a required force level after prolonged used of the muscle. The contributors to voluntary fatigue, henceforth referred to simply as fatigue, may be either peripheral or central, or both. Isolating the muscle or the brain in separate investigations can offer only a partial understanding of the mechanisms underlying the development of fatigue.

Huffines Affiliate and Director of the NeuroErgonomics Lab, Dr. Ranjana Mehta recently published an article in Human Factors titled "Effects of Mental Fatigue on the Development of Physical Fatigue: A Neuroergonomic Approach." This article examines the interaction of physical and mental fatigue and compares the changes in neural patterns with traditional indicators of muscle fatigue, such as muscle activity and joint steadiness.

Click here for more information about Dr. Ranjana Mehta and the NeuroErgonomics Laboratory housed within the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center.3

Image source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranjanamehta