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Huffines Institute awards $16,500 in Student Travel Grants

The Sydney and JL Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance awarded a total of $16,500 in travel grants to graduate students in Sports Medicine fields. These travel awards will be used by the students to present their research at regional, national, and international meetings. As such, these awards will enable exposure of the work of graduate students in Sports Medicine to a larger audience as well as giving the students the chance to meet and get to know leaders in the Sports Medicine field.

As part of the award, the students commit to providing the Huffines website with an abstract of their findings (posted here) (link out to new page in Scientist area called Supported Research). Additionally, they commit to providing easy-to-understand short pieces on their research for our content area.

This year’s award recipients were:

  • K. Agyemang,
  • J. Avila,
  • S.R. Bhatia,
  • J.B. Boyle,
  • S. Bui,
  • P. Cacola,
  • K. Camp,
  • C.W. Chen,
  • D. Cunningham,
  • J. Dobson,
  • A. Handa,
  • J. Hord,
  • D. Khanna,
  • B. Lambert,
  • C.W. Lee,
  • T.V. Lee,
  • Y. Lee,
  • B.R. Macias,
  • J. Oliver,
  • J. Rhee,
  • B. Rollins,
  • K. Shimkus
  • M. Wiggs.

Congratulations to All!



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