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Ms. Gretchen Reynolds - 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

Ms. Gretchen Reynolds - 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

Gretchen Reynolds

The New York Times

Out of the Echo Chamber: How to Reach the 'Real' World with Good Research:

Mrs. Reynolds writes the popular “Phys Ed” column for The New York Times, which posts online as part of the “Well” blog and also appears in the print edition of the paper’s “Science Times.” 

The column regularly is among the week’s most emailed stories and several columns have been among the most viewed and most emailed stories of the year at nytimes.com. 

She also writes for a variety of other publications, including The New York Times Magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine, Men’s Journal, Outside, Parade, Popular Science and others. 

She has won a number of awards for her writing and reporting, including two National Magazine Award nominations and one shared win in the Personal Service category.


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