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Dr. Larry Kenney - 2015 Huffines Discussion Scholar

Dr. Larry Kenney - 2015 Huffines Discussion Scholar

Dr. Larry Kenney
Marie Underhill Noll Chair in Human Performance, Penn State University
“Climate Change, Aging and Human Health"

Dr. W. Larry Kenney received his Ph.D. in Physiology in 1983. He has been a faculty member at Noll Laboratory, Penn State University, since that time and is currently the Marie Underhill Noll Chair in Human Performance as well as Professor of Physiology and Kinesiology. 

His research involves human physiological responses to extreme conditions of exercise, heat and cold stresses, and dehydration, with a focus on the impact of aging and disease states on these responses. 

Dr. Kenney received the prestigious Faculty Scholar medal from Penn State in 2001, as well as the College of Health and Human Development’s Pauline Schmitt Russell Distinguished Research Career Award and Evan G. and Helen G. Pattishall Outstanding Research Career Award. 

He has published over 200 journal articles and dozens of book chapters. He is the lead author of Physiology of Sport and Exercise, a best-selling textbook in exercise physiology. 

In addition to his Penn State duties, Dr. Kenney has served as President of the American College of Sports Medicine (2003-04) and received the Citation Award from that organization in 2008. 

He is also active in the American Physiological Society. 

He serves on the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Scientific Advisory Panel and chaired the Gatorade Sports Science Institute for several years.


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