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Kevin Hughes - 2011 Huffines Discussion Scholar

Kevin Hughes - 2011 Huffines Discussion Scholar

Mr. Kevin Hughes, M.S.
"Super At 60: Uphill and the Downhill Side"

Take a Red headed kid from Cleveland Ohio; send him through life for forty years (Army, College, Comedy, Sports) - marry him off to his best friend in the world-Kathy; then move him back to Cleveland Ohio -forget the hair. He is still married to his best friend. He has children who surpass him in looks, intelligence and personality. What are you left with? A bald headed kid from Cleveland who is in love with his life.

Oh, he is still a Comedian; professional- no less. Oh, and he is still a Public Speaker- professional-no less. He reads voraciously and also other big words. Picture four of the funniest people you know, throw in a couple of smart ones too, add the innocence and joy of a four year old- along with that same attention span. Voila: Kevin Hughes.

Oh, and what has Kevin done with some of those forty years? Well he won National Awards for both Comic of the Year and Variety Artist of the Year. He has made industrial films, performed on cable TV and even had his own radio show in Hawaii! He has written a little as well – for places like Private Pilot Magazine, Home Office Computing, and even Chicken Soup for the Soul. He is a Member of MENSA, a Private Pilot with over 500 hours in the air and has earned a couple of Bachelor's Degrees, and a Master's Degree. At sea, he has been selected as a member of the Princess Cruise Lines Department of Romance; along with such notary's as Captain Stuben of the original "Love Boat" and Emily Post's Granddaughter. And you can catch more information on Kevin at “staytogether.us”.


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