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Dr. Steve Riechman - 2011 Huffines Discussion Scholar

Dr. Steve Riechman - 2011 Huffines Discussion Scholar

Dr. Steven Riechman, PhD, FACSM
Professor, Texas A&M University
"Eat More Cholesterol for Your Health and Strength"

Dr. Steven Riechman received his MS, PhD (1997, 2000, Exercise Physiology) and MPH (2001, Physical Activity Epidemiology) from the University of Pittsburgh where he also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Human Genetics (2002). Following three years at Kent State University, he joined Texas A&M University faculty in 2005 as an Assistant Professor in Health and Kinesiology and then Intercollegiate Faculty of Nutrition in 2006. His research interests include skeletal muscle adaptations to microgravity, aging, and exercise and nutritional countermeasures to prevent/treat chronic disease. Dr. Riechman was nominated for several teaching/mentoring awards (2003, 2007, 2010),received a career enhancement award from the American Physiological Society (2007), received several research grants to study various aspects of skeletal muscle health, and was named as a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (2010).


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