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240 | Podcast Friday w/ Dr. Donato Rivas Discussing microRNA and Sarcopenia

240 | Podcast Friday w/ Dr. Donato Rivas Discussing microRNA and Sarcopenia

Today we have a special guest from the world of Sports Medicine, Dr. Donato Rivas! Dr. Rivas discusses sarcopenia and the role of microRNA on age and contraction-induced skeletal muscle growth. If you're interested in how to prevent muscle mass loss with aging and the science behind it then this is the podcast for you!  LISTEN NOW

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  • Aloha Tim and Doc Lincoln, Well that was eye opening. Non smokers, super shape, health insurance, and love their job. Sounds like a recipe that we could make happen for everyone! I do know a couple former lineman - and they agree with you, keeping the weight on during the season was difficult. Putting it on during the off season was fairly easy. With the guys I know - they either got "slimmer" dropping from the 300's down to the 240's or so ; or they ballooned up to over 400 pounds. I wonder why half go one way, and half the other? Overall, it seems from checking out your paper, that (in general) most NFL players will live longer and have their overall health longer, than the average person. Is there a genetic component too? Great talk. Smiles, Kevin
    6/8/2018 11:25:26 AM Reply

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