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100 - It's the 100th Podcast Friday! All things 100! Whoop! (audio-only version)

100 - It's the 100th Podcast Friday!  All things 100!  Whoop!  (audio-only version)

You've been waiting for it and here it is:  the 100th Podcast from the Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance!  We do all things 100 today:  We talk to Mr. Mike Dillingham - Aggie Class '35 who is 100 and is the oldest living Aggie - about his time on the Texas A&M baseball team from 1931-1935.  We welcome back to the podcast one of the world's elite ultramarathoners Dr. Mike Sandlin who runs (and wins) 100-mile foot-races for fun! (really).  And for our 100th guest, we're pleased to welcome College Football Hall of Fame Coach (and winningest Aggie Football Coach of all time) RC Slocum.

We recorded this podcast live, so we were joined by Lauren Santacroce as the Announcer and Karl Rehn provided the music.  We had a great studio audience of about 200 people, so it was great fun.  If you want to see the video from the event head on over to this link.

Otherwise enjoy!  (and one word in advance:  remember that this was a live event and the audio is of a different quality than what you are used to from our studio podcasts!).....

Click here to listen or right-click (on the Mac, control-click) and you can download the podcast to your computer to listen to later!



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