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230 Video | Dr. Herman Pontzer | 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

230 Video | Dr. Herman Pontzer | 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

The Hilliard Discussion is where great speakers and leaders in Sports Medicine talk about the future in a manner understandable to all. 

Today is the second video from the 2017 Hilliard Discussion.  Up today in our series is Dr. Herman Pontzer, Professor from Hunter College.  Dr. Pontzer's talk is called "Adapt to endure: The limits of human Expenditure".

Click Here for Dr. Pontzer's bio.

And if you can't download the video (or don't have time), you can check out the audio-only podcast from this talk at  Here also is the link to the transcript of the talk. 




  • Sorry Doc Ponzer for pestering you with questions, but another thought came to me: What about folks who are in extreme environments? My daughter and her husband have friend who walked across Antartica a few years back, and they ate pounds of bacon with pounds of melted butter every day, to burn seven thousand or more calories. I watched a documentary on two kids (thirty year olds) who hiked the entire Pacific Trail, and they had to make "Super Peanut Butter" with sticks of butter, snickers bars, and almonds mushed into the peanut butter to have enough calories to finish the trail. And I watched another documentary on the Strongest Men in the world, and the force feedings were their biggest challenge. So do extreme environments- or extreme expenditures, act as outliers for your work, or for us ordinary folks? Smiles, Kevin
    2/2/2018 11:25:40 AM Reply
  • Aloha Dr. Ponzer, What a wonderful talk, It has been four decades since I took any anthropology courses, and wow, have you folks been busy! I have to ponder your talk, read your papers and ponder. For I am obese but highly active. Tim can tell you how I can't seem to sit still. I don't do much screen time, and I am active two to three hours every day. Last year I biked a thousand miles, walked another three thousand (Runkeeper keeps track for me) and I do very light weights, push ups, and a half hour of disco dancing most days. Still fat. Diet has always been my bugaboo; especially "junk" foods like Pepsi, donuts, and pizza. I did lose thirty pounds but by any measure am still obese. I am five foot six, weigh 197 lbs, and have a forty inch waist. Granted that is way down from a year and half ago, when I weighed 228.6 pounds and had a 49 1/2 waist. I am in my mid sixties and am a perfect example that exercise alone won't help with fat. As you said : "It is diet and exercise." So my question is , if the calories are about the same for the folks you studied and us, with that built in governor on our calorie carburetor - does the food they eat differ greatly from ours? Or is a calorie not a calorie? Great talk. Lots of things to ponder. Smiles, Kevin
    2/2/2018 11:18:00 AM Reply

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