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233 Video | Mr. Stephen McGee | 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

233 Video | Mr. Stephen McGee | 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

Today is the fifth video from the 2017 Hilliard Discussion. Up today in our series is Mr. Stephen McGee from Texas A&M University. Mr. McGee's talk is called Brain Injuries And The Future of Football: The View From The Field.

Click Here for Mr. McGee's bio.

And if you can't download the video (or don't have time), you can check out the audio-only podcast from this talk at  Here also is the link to the transcript of the talk. 




  • I loved the Passion of his talk. And I love that he brought up the disparity in research findings too. I will have to say that minimizing 30% is an egregious error. Comparing it to the 100% findings was a good point, but almost a third of players have CTE in some form or another- is a serious fact to consider. One out of three will get CTE, or have been shown to have it? That would give me pause. I love sports, and I would hate to see football die. I think the rules and technological advances in equipment can save the game. Mr. MCGee brought up some of the benefits of playing: team work, overcoming adversity, common goals, that ability to be told face to face, when you dropped the ball. In today's Society, it is generally in team sports (including multi player gamers) and in the Military that those traits are taught, and taught well. When combined with good sportsmanship, well, as the saying goes: "It just don't get any better than that." Unless, of course, it is the sound of a mouse pissing on cotton. A saying I shall not soon forget, injuries or no injuries. Stay healthy. Kevin
    2/23/2018 6:14:21 PM Reply

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