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271 | Remaining Positive and Active During the Pandemic

271 | Remaining Positive and Active During the Pandemic

In the midst of unemployment and isolation, it may be hard to find ways to keep moving forward. But our guest today, Mr. Mark Bravo - running store owner, author, and motivational speaker - is here to help. He provides inspirational ways to stay happy, optimistic, and positive during the current plight in order to make the most of the situation. From reaching out to people on the phone, doing bodyweight exercises at home, or going out for a walk if comfortable doing so, he gives plenty of examples on how to adapt in this situation. He also gives some insight on what is occurring in the running world and how it is adapting during these times.

Give the podcast a watch or listen to hear the incredible advice Mr. Mark Bravo provides!

To join virtual races and to see all that his running store has to offer, check out

And if you want ACSM’s recommendations on exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic follow the following link:

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