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Hilliard Discussion 10 Announcement Video

Hilliard Discussion 10 Announcement Video

The award winning Hilliard Discussions are back! But, there's a twist... Rather than the typical short lecture format, the Hilliard Discussions will be hosted as debates.
What will this look like, you ask? Well, we will have two experts on opposing sides of a certain topic in the area of sports medicine and human performance. Then, they will debate and respectfully argue their points backed by evidence from their research/experience. Sounds fun, I know!
Additionally, Hilliard Discussions will now occur semi-annually: one in January and one in September.
The next Hilliard Discussion will be on January 27th, 2021 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm CST in an online format! A link to the event will be posted on soon.
The topic that will be discussed is: Does the scientific literature inhibit scientific truth? Talking on the pro side of the topic will be Dr. Brian Nosek, and talking on the con side will be Dr. Andy Young.
An informational video is attached below with all the information you need regarding HD10. Hope to see you there!


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