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HHPM | Maximizing Performance with Hydration

  • 5/22/2024 5:00:00 AM
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HHPM | Maximizing Performance with Hydration

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Recommendations for hydration surrounding exercise (use a labeled blender bottle to make measurements easier)

  • Prior to exercise: 14-22 oz of water (spread out over 2 hours prior)

  • During exercise: 6-12 oz water +110mg sodium every 20 minutes

  • Post exercise: 16-24 oz of water per 1lb lost during exercise


  • These recommendations are in addition to the 125oz and 91 oz of water that should be ingested each day. (Foods also contains some water)

  • many people may already have a diet high in sodium adding addition sodium could be harmful

  • Sweat rates and concentrations can differ between individuals working with a specialist in the field is recommended


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