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Where do you get your sports medicine information? The Huffines Institute is constantly working to provide the most recent information about Sports Medicine in an understandable manner to all. We have developed a number of resources for the public and hold public talks and conversations with some of the foremost leaders in the field of Sports Medicine and Human Performance. Make sure you are signed up on our mailing list so you’ll know about new events and resources as we make them available! 

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Audio Podcasts

What do you get when you combine an easy-to-understand conversation with the leaders in Sports Medicine, your computer/mp3 player, and 20 minutes? You get the Huffines Sports Medicine Podcasts! Come on over and listen at your convenience and even subscribe. Someone new is on the Podcast every week – you’ll be glad you did! (Plus, you can win cool prizes by listening.) Access Podcasts.

Video Podcasts

We’ve got both short, instructional videos (e.g. how to tape an ankle) and longer videos from our public speakers. So, if you’ve got 3 mins or 30 mins, come on over and check out our videos. Access Videos.

Health & Fitness Assessment

The Huffines Institute Medical Testing Services Marketplace is a quick and convenient place for you to schedule performance tests to determine your fitness / health levels.  All tests are performed by Exercise Physiologists that have formal education and credentials in the fitness testing field. This section has a brief description of all the services we provide.

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Exclusive topical content

Ever wonder about particular topics in Sports Medicine, like how much to drink when you work out, or what to drink when working out, or stretches you can do in your office? We’ve got this and much more topical content that was developed just for the Huffines Institute by our team of in-house and independent writers. If you don’t see a topic you are interested in, just zip us a note and we’ll add it to our development list!  (And if you want to write for us, go to this link!)  Access Articles.