Huffines Institute Internal Advisory Board

The Huffines Institute is grateful to the professionals who serve on the Internal Advisory Board. This Board serves as an oversight body for the programs and initiatives of the Huffines Institute. The Internal Advisory Board is made up of professionals from within Texas A&M University and each council member serves a three-year term. The current Internal Advisory Board includes: 

Dr. Jenna Yentes

Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Sport Management

Marlene Dixon

Dr. Marlene Dixon

Dept. of Kinesiology and Sport Management

Dr. Bryan Mann

Dept. of Kinesiology and Sport Management



Athletics Representative



Athletics Representative



Athletics Representative

Dr. Jason Moats 

USA Center for Rural Public Health Preparedness

Dr. Ana Diaz Artiles

Aerospace Engineering / Spaceflight

Dr. Chendil Damodaran

Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, Pharmacy

Dr. Chase Straw

Turfgrass Science

Paul Siebert

TEEX Fire School 

Dr. Kelly Wilson

Associate Dean for Research, Nursing

Dr. Laura Marsh

Sports Medicine Fellowship Director



Ex Officio Members

Dr. Jim Carson

Huffines Director 

Dr. Steve Martin

Huffines Associate Director, Physical Readiness Testing Laboratory

Dr. Steven Reichman

Huffines Associate Director, Tactical Human Performance Laboratory

Dr. Mike Thornton

Huffines Associate Director, Thornton-McFerrin Coaching Academy

Amy Hurley

SEHD Development Officer



Huffines Associate Director, Education & Outreach