Become a Member of the Huffines Institute

Become a Member of the Huffines Institute

Part of the mission of the Huffines Institute is to facilitate cutting-edge research and fund development in sports medicine. Members of the Huffines Institute are thus eligible for several specific research and travel grant programs aimed toward the different types of members to facilitate their research programs. 

To become a member of the Huffines Institute, you can apply in one of five categories:

Huffines Affiliate

This is a full-time faculty or staff member at Texas A&M with a research or practice emphasis in Sports Medicine and Human Performance; eligible for the majority of Huffines Institute grant programs and committed to one service activity for the Institute per year. Fill out the application and email it to the Huffines Institute.

Huffines Student Members

Our student members represent a class of membership that is open to current students in advanced graduate programs in Sports Medicine and Human Performance. Their membership continues throughout their courses of study and requires a simple application with at least one reference. This membership allows the students to apply for both research and travel grants administered by the Huffines and provides the student another network through which to work for collaborative and professional connections. Huffines Student Members who receive either a research or travel grant are expected to participate in at least one Huffines service activity per year. To apply to be a Huffines Student Member, fill out the application and email it to the Huffines Institute.

Friends of the Huffines

These individuals are anyone who has decided to financially support the Huffines Institute. Friends will receive access to both the Huffines Affiliates and Scholars at Institute functions as well as having preferential access to tickets for such events as the Discussion Series and the Practitioner Workshops. Additionally, Friends will have exclusive access to all web content – both video and audio – at least one week prior to public release. This type of membership in the Huffines is perfect for many people, including the practitioner who wants to stay on top of the latest events in Sports Medicine and/or the media outlet or freelance writer who wants to present the freshest content to readers. Please contact the Huffines Institute to discuss becoming a Friend of the Huffines.

Huffines Fellows

These scholars are picked on a yearly basis as part of the Huffines Discussion series and as such, serve a one-year role as external advisors to the Huffines Institute. These Huffines Fellows are selected due to their international scientific stature and their willingness to help fulfill the mission of the Huffines Institute and are selected after a nomination and vetting procedure initiated by the current Huffines Fellows.