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Today is the Day! First Huffines Discussion! See you there!

The TED Talks have made a significant impact on understanding by bringing leaders in various fields together to give talks less than 20 minutes in length that are understandable to a general audience. The Sydney and JL Huffines Institute is using the TED format and applying it to Sports Medicine. The result? An exciting new event called the Huffines Discussion. The Director of the Huffines, Dr. Tim Lightfoot noted, “We are so excited to bring this unique event to the central Texas Region and through our webcasts, to the world. We already have several leaders in the field of Sports Medicine – Frank Booth and Mike Reid being just two – that have committed to presenting at the Huffines Discussion. We also have other speakers that aren’t as well known, but who are really pushing the boundaries of Sports Medicine. Plus, we’ve got some surprise guests that we can’t announce yet, but whose presence at the Discussion will really mark Texas A&M as a leader in Sports Medicine.” (UPDATED!  Check out our speaker line-up announcement - great speakers!)

The Huffines Discussion is scheduled for April 1, 2011, from 1-4 pm at Rudder Theatre on the Texas A&M campus. Be sure and check the Huffines Website and the Huffines Discussion page for updates we get closer to the event!