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Huffines Institute awards $29,000 in Student Research Grants

The Sydney and JL Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance recently awarded almost $29,000 in Student Research Grants to graduate students in Sports Medicine. “These awards are an important stimulus to continue research in Sports Medicine to expand the knowledge base of what we know and how we practice Sports Medicine,” Huffines Director Tim Lightfoot noted. “These students are the future of our field and it is important that they have the resources needed to continue their investigative pursuits, especially in the light of budget cuts to higher education.”

The awards were made after a lengthy external review process where Sports Medicine Researchers outside of Texas A&M reviewed the award proposals and ranked each. “Given the rigor of the review, it is a true achievement for each of these students to win an award. We anticipate with the funding issues facing Texas, that competition next year will be even greater,” Lightfoot said.

The students who won Research Awards are committed to reporting on their progress, as well as providing easy-to-understand, short articles to the Huffines Website on their topic. These articles will be posted as they are received over the next year. Thus, congratulations for their Awards go out to:

  • K.L. Shimkus
  • T.V. Lee
  • C.W. Lee
  • K. Agyemang
  • J. Dobson
  • Y. Lee
  • J. Hord
  • B.R. Macias
  • J. Culbertson
  • S. Bui
  • K. Camp
  • J. Seawright

Congratulations to All!