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The award-winning Huffines Discussion is on November 17!

Our national-award winning Huffines Discussion is back on Nov. 17, 2017!  We've got a great line-up of speakers!  You can click here for detailed directions and information.  Here's the list of scheduled speakers!

Huffines Discussion 7 Scheduled speakers:

  • Ms. Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times - Out of the Echo Chamber: How to Reach the ‘Real’ World with Good Research.
  • Dr. Hiro Tanaka, University of Texas - Masters Athletes: Super Humans With Grey Hair, Wrinkles, and Much More
  • Dr. Mike Joyner, Mayo Clinic - Gene Scores vs. the Bathroom Scale Score: What To Do About Physical Activity & Obesity
  • Dr. Melinda Sheffield-Moore, Texas A&M - The Case of the Disappearing Muscles: The Mystery of Muscle Wasting in Old Age and Cancer
  • Ms. Jennie Morton, Healthy Performers Los Angeles - The Physiology of Dancing and Singing: The Work of A Triple Threat
  • Dr. Tony Comuzzie, The Obesity Society - What Primates Have Taught Us About Diet and Cardiometabolic Heatlh
  • Dr. Herman Pontzer, Hunter College - Adapt to Endure: The Limits of Human Energy Expenditure
  • Mr. Stephen McGee, Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys Quarterback - Brain Injuries and the Future of Football: The View from The Field