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The Line-up for the Huffines Discussion is set - and it is a GREAT line-up!

  • 3/9/2011 6:00:00 AM
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We are so excited to announce the final speaker line-up for the Huffines Discussion. We are pleased to announce that the following leaders and thinkers in sports medicine and human performance have committed to participating in the Huffines Discussion. Check out our Huffines Discussion page for the latest information or our special, short podcast for more information on the Speakers! See you on April 1!

  • Mr. Ty Warren: New England Patriots. "A Professional Football Player's Off-Season Progression"
  • Dr. Jon Wertheim: Sports Illustrated, “Omission Bias in Professional Sports Officiating: Do Referees Really Swallow the Whistle at the End of the Game?”
  • Dr. Frank Booth: University of Missouri, “Walk Away From Type II Diabetes”
  • Dr. Michael Reid: University of Kentucky, “Muscle Weakness, Fatigue, and Free Radicals: Of Cowboy Hats and Elephants”
  • Mr. Kevin Hughes: Ohio and The Caribbean, “Super at 60: Uphill on the Downhill Side”
  • Dr. Steve Reichman: Texas A&M University, “Eat More Cholesterol for Your Health and Strength"
  • Dr. Molly Bray: University of Alabama Birmingham, “Energy Balance: Timing is Everything”
  • Dr. Rick Linnehan: NASA, “Living, Working, and Exercising in Space: An Astronaut’s Perspective”