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200 - It's a Special Podcast Friday!!! - Our 200th!

200 - It's a Special Podcast Friday!!! - Our 200th!

This week's Podcast Friday represents our 200th! To thank you for your continuous support, Dr. Lightfoot is joined by Producer Kenneth McIntyre to take you behind the scenes of the Podcast and to meet some of the people that make the Huffines Institute successful! To that end, this podcast also features Texas A&M Coaching Academy Director Dr. John Thornton, plus current and former Huffines staffers Ayland Letsinger, Alexis Appelquist, Carlos Guevara, and Sheril Marek. LISTEN NOW!

Click here for the transcript of the talk.

And as always, remember that you can win a free Huffines t-shirt by listening to the podcast and being the first to send us an email with the answer to the question.  And don't think you're too late to win...email us anyway!

Click below to listen or right-click (on the Mac, control-click) and you can download the podcast to your computer to listen to later!




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