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92 - It's Podcast Friday with Dr. John Fox and The Ball!

92 - It's Podcast Friday with Dr. John Fox and The Ball!

Every so often, there is a great book that comes along that reveals a bit more about why we play and have sports in our society.  Such is the case with a new book - The Ball - that was recently released.  Dr. John Fox is the author and we are pleased to have him with us in the podcast to talk about his book and the topics he covers within.  This is a great book and we highly recommend not only the podcast, but also the book!

Here's a link to Dr. Fox's website - which includes video from Kirkwall Ba' (you'll have to listen to the podcast!!

Remember that you can win a free Huffines t-shirt by listening to the podcast and being the first to send us an email with the answer to the question.  And don't think you're too late to us anyway!

Click here to listen or right-click (on the Mac, control-click) and you can download the podcast to your computer to listen to later!



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