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Talking to the masses

Talking to the masses

Everyone talks about 'reaching the masses', but rarely do you have a chance to do so.  At the Huffines Institute, we are thrilled because our local newspaper - The Eagle - has agreed to start porting the content from our website to their website to a new Health section.  They are starting with this blog, and will gradually port over the other content over the next couple of months.  I'm noting this because it is important that 'we' all talk - I'm using the universal 'we' in this case to mean Sport Scientists (and all their flavors like Exercise Physiologists, Clinical Exercise Physiologists, etc.), Practitioners - like Coaches and Personal Trainers, and the lay public. 

Scientists are way to easily sequestered in their labs where the only people they have to talk to are graduate students and other scientists.  Practitioners often don't have the time or the skills to hunt down the newest information in sport science, and the public often doesn't know who to believe (is it good for you to eat eggs this week?  The latest research says "yes".)  It is important that we all talk to each other so that we can all understand what is going on in this incredibly complex field.  Sports and physical activity lead to too many good things and if we're don't understand, we all lose.  Yes, sports play an incredible cultural role, but more importantly, the idea that as humans we can be physically active and it is good for you, has too often been lost in the clamor for leisure time.  (And for an incredible, deeper discussion of that, watch this fabulous talk by Mike Rowe - yep, the same guy that hosts Dirty Jobs!).

So, join the discussion.  The blogs and conversation will start here, be ported over to The Eagle after a couple of days, and I hope that the conversation only gets bigger after that.  After all, what do we have to lose if we talk to each other?

Until next week, stay active and healthy.



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