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Turning on Push Notifications - strange topic

Turning on Push Notifications - strange topic

A specific blog from me is a rarity recently because we have so many talented young scientists that have been providing thoughtful points on a wide-variety of topics - plus, all of our podcasts and videos keep us busy.  You certainly don't need more clogging up your inbox.

But, you may have noticed that in the past 4 months, the Huffines Institute leaped off into the 'app' world and now has apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets.  The story of the development of those apps is basically a three-year story and we won't go into it here (maybe a later time...)...but, with apps comes a whole new level of concern that we have for your experience when you interact with us (or our apps).

One of the beauties of the app-world, is that we can set 'push notifications' that will automatically let you know when we've put new content up on the website.  While we won't abuse the 'push' -ability that we now have, some of you naturally want to know how to either turn-on or turn-off these notifications.  It can be a little confusing - especially in the Android world - and so I thought I'd do a bit of a quick tutorial (and then give you an offer below - so there is something in it for you!).

So, go to the section below that corresponds to your mobile device, follow those directions, and that should fix you up.  And here's our offer:  Download one of our apps (from either Google Play or Apple iTunes), turn on the push notifications, and let us know ( and we'll send you a free t-shirt AND take you off the weekly email list (unless you tell us otherwise!).  A great deal!

Turning On Push Notifications on Android (your version may slightly vary - but these are good general directions for most flavors of the Android operating system that are out there):

1. On the Home Screen, select the Settings Icon

2.  Click on the “My Device” tab at the top of the screen;

3.  Scroll down to the Sounds and Notification menu (select);

4.  Scroll down to Notifications section;

5.  Click on the “Application Notification” menu;

6.  Scroll down through the list and find the Huffines Institute app – click on that;

7.  Turn on notifications in that menu.

Turning on Push Notifications on Apple iOS:

1.  On the Home Screen, select the Settings icon;

2.  Click on the Notifications menu (about five down from the top);

3.  Scroll down and find the Huffines app - select it;

4. Click the slider on "Allow Notifications"

5. It'd also be nice if you clicked on the "Badge App Icon" and the "Show on Lock Screen" tabs as well!




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