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Huffines Institute 304 - Transforming Firefighter Safety and Gear

Huffines Institute 304 - Transforming Firefighter Safety and Gear

Welcome back for another exciting episode this week! In today’s installment, our guest is Dr. Meredith McQuerry. Dr. McQuerry is an associate professor at Florida State University and holds a PhD in Textile Technology Management. She is at the forefront of improving the efficiency and safety of firefighters through her groundbreaking research on their equipment. During this episode, Dr. McQuerry sheds light on gender disparities in the manufacturing of firefighting gear and explores how this gear impacts performance in the field. Join us to gain valuable insights from Meredith as she takes us on a journey and shares her vision for enhancing the future of firefighters and, by extension, our broader community. 

Thank you for tuning into We Do the Heavy Lifting! This week's episode is dedicated to Dr. Jenna Yentes' father, Cliff Yentes, Jr. A retired, career firefighter with Omaha Fire (IAFF Local 385). If you have any comments or topics you would like to hear from us, email us at As always, have an active and healthy week!



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