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235 Video | Ms. Jennie Morton | 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

235 Video | Ms. Jennie Morton | 2017 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

Today is the seventh video from the 2017 Hilliard Discussion. Up today in our series is Ms. Jennie Morton from the healthy performers in Los Angeles California. Ms. Morton's talk is called The Physiology Of Dancing And Singing: The Work Of A Triple Threat.

Click Here for Ms. Morton's bio.

And if you can't download the video (or don't have time), you can check out the audio-only podcast from this talk at  Here also is the link to the transcript of the talk. 




  • Oh, my, gosh. If there is a better example of Science meeting Art - for the betterment of them both; well, I have no idea what it could be. Such simple changes that enable such significant leaps in technique- I mean who knew that to sing well, you have to have a level head?! And to dance with better balance, your more stable on the exhale. Evidence based work transferred into the real world of Performers and Athletes- and that is what the Hilliard Discussions and Huffines Instititute are trying to do. T A true Renaissance Women; Science, Dance, Singing, Teaching, Research, and spitting at the windmills of Tradition. I loved this talk both for its simplicity of explanation, and its melding of the best of two Worlds: Science and Art. Great Job MS Morton. So easy to see where the Lab can reach the Rehearsal Hall, Athletic Field, or Coach/Choreographer. Wonderful. Bravo. Smiles, Kevin
    3/9/2018 8:17:21 PM Reply

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