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272 | Deliberate Discomfort and Personal Growth

272 | Deliberate Discomfort and Personal Growth

Our guest, US Army Lt. Colonel Andy Riise, talks about how uncomfortable situations can be utilized to learn and grow. As a co-author and editor of the book Deliberate Discomfort, Lt. Col. Riise dives into the ways you can seek discomfort to fail, adapt, learn, and to better yourself. Often, adversity just appears without you wanting it, like in the case of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Lt. Col. Riise brings in his expertise in psychology to explain different ways to handle the current misfortune. He also gives a sneak peak of the Veterans to Coaching Initiative that he is working on with Texas A&M’s Coaching Academy.

If you want ACSM’s recommendations on exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic follow the following link:


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