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99 - It's the 99th Podcast Wednesday with Comedian Kevin Hughes...

99 - It's the 99th Podcast Wednesday with Comedian Kevin Hughes...

Sometimes the perspective of someone from outside the field talk to us about Sports Medicine and what they see happening.  Comedian Kevin Hughes - an avid reader and health enthusiast - serves just such a role for us; the outside observer that let's us know how our field actually applies to folks outside of sports medicine.  Kevin also is unique in that he's one of the few that we know that has listened to all of our podcasts and has actually commented on most of them. (What you haven't commented on them?  What are you waiting for?)  So Kevin has got a great viewpoint on our field, on our 98 previous podcasts, and how these things actually influence the world.  So give the podcast a listen - it's a fun talk with a smart and fun guy.

Speaking of 99 podcasts...if you missed our live 100th podcast, it was a great podcast with three guests, live music, and a big (really) studio audience.  However, don't fret, we're going to post that podcast in two days as a holiday present for all of our listeners.  It was great fun, so keep an eye on our website and on our twitter feed (@HuffinesDir) for the announcement when that podcast (both video and audio-only forms) is posted. 

Remember that you can win a free Huffines t-shirt by listening to the podcast and being the first to send us an email with the answer to the question.  And don't think you're too late to win...email us anyway!
Click here to listen or right-click (on the Mac, control-click) and you can download the podcast to your computer to listen to later!



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