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"Unpacking" Muscles

  • 4/8/2018 10:00:00 AM
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"Unpacking" Muscles

Jessica Cardin, M.S.

Skeletal muscle has a high degree of plasticity that allows the tissue to respond to environmental cues (exercise, disuse, starvation, etc.). The majority of research has focused on the building of muscle. However, atrophy has vast implications across many disease states (cancer cachexia, renal failure, COPD, and Type II Diabetes). The understanding of how atrophy occurs as an "unpacking" process of the muscle fiber is limited. Pioneering research is important as it will be the first to characterize the time course of the muscle cell to atrophy with the addition of measuring total rates of degradation and synthesis. Being able to comprehend how muscle atrophy is achieved, and the timeline for the cellular events that lead to atrophy, will be invaluable for medical professionals to synthesize new treatments to combat the progression of diseases involving muscle wasting. 



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