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Huffines Institute 301 - The Fight Against Parkinson's Disease

Huffines Institute 301 - The Fight Against Parkinson's Disease

Welcome back to a new episode of We Do the Heavy Lifting! In today’s episode our focus shifts to Parkinson’s Disease, featuring insights from Dr. Deanna Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy holds the position of an associate professor within the Kinesiology and Sport Management department at Texas A&M University. She also directs the Student-Fighter Project in partnership with the Robert Conte Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders. This initiative has birthed a program rooted in the community, where her students impart motor skills to individuals grappling with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Engaging as volunteers at Rock Steady Boxing in College Station, Texas, they extend a helping hand to the PD-afflicted community. This dynamic collaboration significantly impacts PD patients by fostering human connection and providing an avenue to preserve or enhance their physical well-being. For more information on how to get involved at Rock Steady Boxing visit their website at:

Thank you for tuning into this week’s episode of We Do the Heavy Lifting! If you have any comments or topics you would like to hear from us, email us at As always, have an active and healthy week!



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