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Prehab / Rehab

Foot Injuries
  evaluation; treatments; pre/rehab; strengthening exercises
Ankle Injuries
  evaluation; treatments (taping vs bracing); pre/rehab; strengthening exercises
Common knee pain
  evaluation; treatments; pre/rehab; strengthening exercises; ACL and MCL  issues
  Who's effected most? (sports, gender, age-range)
  evaluation; treatments; pre/rehab; strengthening exercises
Low back pain
  evaluation; treatments; pre/rehab; strengthening exercises
Myofascial Pain
  signs; treatment / interventions; long term head injuries
Compartment Syndrome
Skin lacerations in sports
Shoulder Injuries
  evaluation; treatments; pre/rehab; strengthening exercises
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
E-Stim for recovery
Cold Tubs (cryotherapy)
Heat Stress Therapy
Broken bones
  treatment / research
  Who's effected most? (sports, gender, age-range)
Disablement Model usage by Athletic Trainers
  Using the S.I.M.P.L.E. model: Summary of Impairments of the Lumbar Spine & Extremities
Plantar Fasciitis
  evaluation; treatments; exercises
Foot pain / right shoes
Balance training for rehab
Joint Stability
  evaluation; treatment
Patella taping
Stretching for Injury Prevention
  dynamic stretching vs static
Chiropractor vs physical therapist vs Masseuse
  When to choose which?


  hyponatremia; sweat loss / water needs; electrolyte balance
Nutrition Timing
  Pre / During / Post Training
Throughout the week
Different workload demands
Caloric Needs and healthy snacks for athletes
  sport specific (size, gender)
Nutrition Ratio
  Different macronutrient ratios for:
  weight loss; weight gain; sport specific (training, game day, in / off season)
Vitamin / Mineral Deficiencies
  What major deficiencies can be seen in someone who leads an active life style?
    i.e.  Ferratin test, Vitamin D deficiencies in athletes
Bone Health - nutritional intervention
Eating Disorders with young athletes
Ergogenic Aids/ Supplements/ Controlled Substances
Pre-Exercise Supplements
Post-Exercise Supplements
During-Exercise Supplements
Energy Supplements for Endurance
Supplements for strength and mass
Energy Drinks
  Research anti-inflammatory compounds
  NSAIDS in sports
    Effects on bone; muscle
Anabolic steroids
  Prevalence; safety


The Aging Athlete
CVD assessment in athletes
  Symptoms; treatments; statistics
Athletes with diabetes
Female Triad
Exercise-Induced Asthma
How handle year-round sports
  mental burnout; physical burnout; prevention
Exercise Prescription
  Training for specific sports
  Evaluation / Testing: HR , VO2, Biorhythms
Training the Power Athlete
  Work to rest ratios
  Weight training
  Conditioning (yardage; type)
Training the Endurance Athlete
  Work to rest ratios
  Weight training
  Conditioning (yardage; type)
Concurrent Training
  How does it affect performance?